These are three brands of computers that are extremely expensive and have unbelievable performance and hardware specs. What I want to know is what's the ultimate of the ultimate?

Is it Voodoo, ABS, or Alienware?

I personally think ABS. They have a good support method for managing people over the phone. You call them, tell them your issue, and they call you back so you don't have to wait on the phone. You get a big bang for your buck. And I mentioned in a different thread that had an ABS computer seven years ago and it still runs perfectly. It has been moved to a lot of places a lot of times and that hasn't affected the hard drive or anything else. It has gone to a well-deserved retirement at my grandfather's. Also a lot of people seem to like Aliemware because they look cool and are extremely fast. Voodoo PCs are extremely fast, and they're owned by HP now so that's why I prefer them over Aliemware. So is Voodoo, ABS, or Alienware the dominating of the ultimate PC?