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Whow, guess our experience differs alot

Ive got a dell (that i got very nearly new) and had it for a few years. A 1.06ghz celeron thats a few years old and had no issues at all apart from the joystick tracking a bit.

My HP laptop is only a year old (top range consumer grade). Had a manual and OS and driver disc with it included free. Just within that year its developed so many faults, some of which: Very loose usb ports, faulty keyboard, mousepad worn straight through and innacurate, one of the two HDD crapped out, fault on the pci slot, rusting grill/faulty speakers, loose daughterboard power connector and a couple of faults that dont come to mind straight away. Also as i mentioned this laptop is bios-locked so it means you cant upgrade any component under the warranty else it invalidates it. Gotta send it off for repairs when i get a spare full day to wait in for a courier, fun!

Have you ever owned a thinkpad though kdla? I dont know anyone with bad luck from them. Ive got an old ibm thinkpad laptop (from when they were ibm) thats over 10 years old, a slimline x21 800mhz and still works beautifully and up to date, touch wood, has never needed repairing, very robust indeed and runs linux beautifully
OK, a few things to say. A Dell that's only a few years old only has a 1.06 ghz processor?! I do realize of course that computers evolve so, so fast but that's a bit slow even for a few years.

I've never heard anybody directly say something bad about an HP laptop before. Usually they say things such as "their support is lowsy; you can't understand what they're saying" however I go online and do an online chat with them and that is always excellent. And if you think you can't understand an HP rep then go talk to someone from Dell some time. I think I said this earlier in this thread and in other threads that I have an HP Pavilion DV2000Z (Z meaning an AMD Sempron processor) and I love it more than any computer in the world.

My sister had an IBM ThinkPad (Yes, from the IBM days) since October 2003. She had been using it for college. Then she finished college and the computer just sat in her room for a few years while my sister was living in Boston. And in those few years it had experienced extreme cold, extreme warmth (you've never been in the upstairs of my house in the summer... it's dreadful) and has been moved around in that time. And as of April 24, 2007, it is eight years old and still going. It has needed a new battery; when IBM had the ThinkPads their batteries really stunk. However, with the new generic battery that I got for it, the eight year old ThinkPad gets only about fifteen less minutes than my three month old Pavilion... But anyway yes ThinkPads are the best laptop you can buy. I would have gotten one besides the Pavilion but they're pretty expensive. When I'm in college maybe I'll get a ThinkPad because of mobility issues but I'm sure that my Pavilion will still be fine for use at home.