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In general they come across as over the top and appeal to the childish notion that bigger is in some way better. I don't play video games much at all so I don't have any need for much memory, let alone independent graphics memory.
I'm much more concerned about whether the hardware has free drivers and that it should be relatively easy to put new hardware in when I feel like it. Actually, Alienware is pretty good for the latter but I still don't see the point in getting every single piece of hardware at the top-end when I just don't need it.
In terms of what you get for your money, Alienware isn't all that expensive, but it comes coupled with being someone who owns an Alienware computer which has issues for me when it comes to going out in public.
I don't do much gaming either. The most intense thing I do with my HP Pavilion DV2000Z is to play Live (3-D) Billiards. I'll never buy Voodoo or Alienware but certainly I'm going to get an ABS again eventually. Their desktops start at $1,099 which is the lowest price of those three. The cheapest Alienware is $1,299. The cheapest Voodoo is $2,800. So I'm never getting Alienware or Voodoo. And I told everybody about my family's experience with that ABS, and that is a big factor in my mind: reliability and expandability.