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Thread: Which computer is the ultimate?

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    Well, since the only computer that I will be buying will be a laptop (I will build the desktops) I would have to go with alienware.
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    On Alienware:

    My experience with their tech support has been about par, nothing incredibly impressive in terms of response rate, innovation, or helpfulness, but nothing to dissuade you from purchasing.

    My experience with their product has been about expected as well: the M9700 I bought came equipped with a TV tuner. It was not the first laptop to come with one, but it was early in the game. They designed the physical cable capture poorly, resulting in the need for an in-house proprietary converter plug to connect regular coax cable to the tuner. Even though this was obviously their blunder, they made us foot the bill ($2, small change compared to the ~$3K I paid for the system) for it.

    All in all, they make sick, reliable machines at prices less than FalconNW, Voodoo, or any other high quality boutique prices. I love my rig, and although its last-gen tech already, it still plays very strongly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soccer362001
    Well, since the only computer that I will be buying will be a laptop (I will build the desktops) I would have to go with alienware.
    All of the choice brands in the poll make laptops.

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    ABS is best according to me

    ABS has been building high quality, high performance systems for gamers, enthusiasts, and power users with only the best components available. ABS computers are built to exacting specifications and have won numerous awards and accolades including Computer Shopper's "Best Gaming PC" of 2004, PC World's "Best Buy" and many more. ABS' line of performance desktops, notebooks, and workstations are custom configured, built, and tested with the most demanding benchmarks in the industry.

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    In my opinion Alienware is ultimate computer

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    Before I would say Alienware, but now I chose Voodoo. It is the world leader in the design and manufacturing of high performance personal computer systems. Voodoo is the world's foremost PC gaming system provider and is dedicated to delivering leading-edge performance, style and craftsmanship to the discerning PC enthusiasts.

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    I think self assembling is best in order to costing and to getting best parts of different brands.

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    According to me Windows ultimate

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