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Thread: Coverting MySQL date to date("D M j") HOW

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    Question Coverting MySQL date to date("D M j") HOW

    I want to out put the day of the week from MySQL I know date() can convert the timestam but mysql date is not a time stam so im not really sure how to show the date in more useful way

    Can some on help me?
    2007-02-09 ==> Wed, July 02, 2007

    Thanks for help!
    What am I doing?

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    Two choices:

    (1) Have your query return a UNIX timestamp value via the MySQL UNIX_TIMESTAMP() function.


    (2) Use the PHP strtotime() function to convert the date string from your query into a timestamp, e.g.:
    PHP Code:
    $formatted_date date('D M j'strtotime($row['date'])); 
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    that works!

    Thanks a LOT!
    What am I doing?

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