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Thread: Adding javascripts to a web page

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    Adding javascripts to a web page

    I am sorry if this thread already exists but i used the search and looked over the tutorials and didnt find what i need so i would be thankfull if someone explains this to me or at least point me in the right direction.

    I dont know anything about javascripts or HTML i started playing around in dreamweaver and that worked out well so now i need to insert some javascripts into my page and dont know how to do it. I got <-please insert this into your ,body. or ,head> etc. but i dont know how. So if anyone could explain or point me in the right direction i would be very very thankfull.

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    The first step would be to learn something about javascript and html. JS is a finicky language, and chances are something will go wrong. It's usually something fairly easy to fix, but if you don't understand what you're looking at, your chances are pretty slim.

    That said, if you're using Dreamweaver, don't use the WYSIWYG part of it- look at the code itself (or use the split view, if you want to keep an eye on the rendered product). Take your JS code and paste it into the code view in DW. But like I said, don't be surprised if something doesn't work quite right...

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