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Thread: review my real ale site

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    review my real ale site

    Hi there. I have been building a website called Real Ale Hunter at http://www.realalehunter.co.uk for the last couple of months. At the moment you can add pubs to a map (based on the google maps api), view pubs in either a directory or on a map which uses ajax to get the pubs for the area you are currently viewing so that if you are going to a new town, you can print a map off and will know where the best pubs are.

    You can also add visits to pubs already listed saying what guest beers they had on offer and how good you though it was, add ratings on different factors for each pub and view and upload images of pubs.

    Future plans for the site is to have a "whats new" page and also do an RSS feed for the last 5 pubs and last 5 visits that have been added.

    So what do you think of the site and do you have any suggestions for things that I could do to improve it.


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    Cool site, cool idea. I've always been a ban of the neutral color schemes with a picture of something relating to the topic used to inject some excitement with color.

    The text seems to be a bit on the large side.

    The top navigation in both IE and Firefox on Vista with default settings gets broken into two lines.

    In Firefox, "Login/Register" is on the second line, and is overlapping the picture making it hard to read.

    In IE Login/Register gets cut in half, and it says "Login/Regis" on the first line, and "ter" on the second.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I will look at putting them into force. Just fixing the top links now.


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