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Thread: combined query - php/mysql - need expert to have quick look!

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    combined query - php/mysql - need expert to have quick look!

    Hi, I am trying to query 3 tables from same database.

    I am using a form, where user can select to run the search using 1 or all of the selections.

    I am unable to get result when I run the query through using the following code - I am a noob so have limited knowledge/experience of this

    Anyway, the code I am trying to run:

    $link = mysql_connect("localhost","","");
    mysql_select_db("createdb1", $link) or die("Unable to select database");

    function setupQuery($_POST['releaseyear'], $_POST['price'], $_POST['name'],$_POST['type'])

    $query = "SELECT * FROM music"

    if ($_POST['releaseyear'])
    $query .= " AND $_POST['releaseyear'];

    if ($_POST['price'])
    $query .= " AND $_POST['price'];

    if ($_POST['name'])
    $query .= " AND $_POST['name'];

    if ($_POST['type'])
    $query .= " AND $_POST['type'];

    $result = mysql_query($query, $link) or die(mysql_error());

    while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) {
    echo '<pre>';
    echo '</pre>';

    Initially user must select 1 of the options to run the query, not sure if I got the first part of that right. Then user can narrow the select by price, year of release etc. I think I have the logic right but clearly not the coding.

    can anyone help?


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