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Thread: A novel way to pick a date

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    Lightbulb A novel way to pick a date

    I'm trying to craft an innovative way to enter a date and/or time into a form field. The focus will be on extreme ease of use and rapid entry. Conventional date pickers suffer from the problem of requiring additional clicks to choose the year or months, while the date (1-31) is usually just one click away. I'm trying to make a date picker in a way that it only takes one click to choose the month as well as the year, essentially bringing the total number of clicks required to just 3 (date, month, year) or 5 (hours and minutes also).

    Has anyone experimented with new ways of choosing the date? I found one solution which expects you to type in a date in a human readable format and the script automatically translates into machine-readable date. You can type in a variety of formats including '6th feb 2007' to more natural expressions such as 'today', 'tomorrow', 'next friday' etc. While innovative, it's still tedious to type the expressions.

    Let's come up with a new way to do this.

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