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Thread: Quick Logouts

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    Quick Logouts

    I have some trouble with replying and posting new messages. Often times I have a lengthy or well thought out response, and I hit the reply button and start typing my response. Then, when I try and post, it says that I'm logged out (presumably because I took so long typing a reply)! So I enter in my password and then it still won't let me post! I have to go back, hit the reply button all over, and copy and paste the my old reply because the forum is set-up to quickly log me off. It gets very frustrating having to do this just to make a few post. Maybe you should double the time allowed before logging someone out.

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    I have never had that happen to me, but you can solve it this way.
    If you have a post that you think will take you very long to type out. Why not do it in NotePad, Word, a publishing program or even in your HTML editor first. Whem you are finished, copy/paste it in the "Post Reply" form.
    You will never have that problem again. That is if it was your problem in the first place.

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    Well, I don't have the site remember my login, and I only allow cookies that expire after the session. That could be part of the problem. If you set the cookie's expiratiion time to a greater value, it might help. Of course, I'm only guessing here. I guess as long as this problem remains unsolved, I will resort to using an external editor. Good suggestion.

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    Anyone who had the misfortune of watching my self-destruction in the "General" forum today - where I asked and answered my own question 3 times without anyone else typing a word (is that some kind of record?) will now see that the problem is quick logouts.

    Can someone provide some information on the timeout period, and whether there is any plans to extend it?

    Well, at least I now feel less .... silly(?) about that thread (and I am SO glad that I had the foresight to title it "Please Delete This Thread", becuase gratefully, it was in fact deleted. Thanks guys )


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