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Thread: photoshop image help

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    photoshop image help

    I have an image in photoshop and I want to turn the image into an "antique" looking picture. The picuture is of a dragon and it turns yellow/brownish.

    I used another software and it had an option to turn the picture into an antique but I want to do it in photoshop. Is there a way to do it. Any help/suggestions?


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    The only thing i could suggest is looking for a tutorial. There are many ways to make a picture look old in photoshop. You can start by desaturating it a bit, and giving it a yellowish color. Another thing is making a layer over top of it and adding noise to the layer and then blending the layer over the picture.

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    I would just try experimenting with the effects and various layers and opacity levels of the layers. For example I would suggest duplicating the original layer - you'll find that option by right clicking the layer in the layer menu or clicking the little left pointing arrow at the tops of the layer menu.

    On the top layer, I would then adjust the color levels under the image menu at the top of the screen by selecting 'adjust' and then trying different options. I would then lower the opacity level of the top layer and adjust the layer mode by selecting from the menu that reads 'normal' at the top of the layers menu. I would recommend the option 'burn' or 'color dodge'. You can also try running different effects such as craquelure and etc found under the 'effects' menu.

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