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    till a goof

    Okay tried it in front page
    1. created a folder
    2. gave it a name and saved it as: C://mydocs/myweb/futurechef
    then copied and pasted the link into the <head><link href="CascadeMenu.css" rel="stylesheet">
    <script language="javascript" src="CascadeMenu.js"></head>
    then copied the onload tag into the body tag and then closed it. then I copied and pasted the rest of the data in between the body tags.
    3. Downloaded the two links cascademenu.ccs and cascademenu.js into the same directory file as before (C://mydocs/myweb/futurechef) and this is what came up
    I know it's still something minor that I am doing wrong any suggestions for a goof

    Sample Menu Menu #1

    Menu #2

    Menu #3

    Menu #4

    SubMenu #1

    JavaScript Source


    Page #1

    Page #2

    Page #3

    Page #1

    Page #2

    Page #3

    SubMenu #4

    Page #1

    Page #2

    Page #3

    Page #4

    Page #4-1

    Page #4-2

    Page #4-3

    Page #1-1

    Page #1-2

    SubMenu #1-1

    Page #1-1-1

    Page #1-1-2

    Page #1-1-3

    Free JavaScripts provided
    by The JavaScript Source

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    Are all you menu items inside <div> tags? If not, that is your problem. To make sure everything is working, copy the source out exactly as you see it at javascript.internet.com and throw it into a HTML page. All you should have to do is add <html> at the top and </body></html> at the bottom. Once you get it working at all, it should be easy to change.

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