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Thread: Text book stuff is somwhat useless?

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    Post Text book stuff is somwhat useless?

    In the university, one is taught about linking tables using a primary key and
    a foreign key as means establishing relationships. However, in real life, I was told that this is not the case and relations are enforced by triggers and procedures
    and such. Is it true?. Please give weblinks where one can learn real no-nonsense
    stuff about databases.

    Thank you.

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    whoever told u that relationships are enforced by triggers and procedures INSTEAD of foreign keys doesn't know what they are talking about.

    relationships are enforced by foreign keys.

    the only situation where a trigger should be used to enforce referential integrity is when you want to key a table to another table that lives in a different database -- in which case foreign keys aren't valid. note though that triggers adds some overhead.

    procedures cannot enforce referential integrity.

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