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Thread: what is the largest video size?

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    what is the largest video size?

    I'm new to all this and not technically with it! Why can't video websites show videos in full screen (to fill your monitor)? I suppose it's something to do with bandwidth and file size? Can anyone elaborate on this?

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    Pretty much like what you said, bandwidth and file size. The larger the video size, the larger the file size, which kills your bandwidth, especially on shared hosting environments. Plus, a huge video size (1024 x 768) would be intrusive to a web experience, 300 x 200 is plenty.
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    They could if they wanted too... but the simplest reason is money.

    They have to purchase enough bandwidth and equipment to handle the content, by keeping it small they reduce the amount of bandwidth needed.

    Some sites use compression to deliver their audio/video content, others just have you download it once.... they do this for they are trying to maximize your experience while keeping their bandwidth costs down and the load to a minimum on their servers.

    Ryan is correct also....a huge video would be intrusize.

    The best thing to think about when going with a provider is how are they delievering your audio/video to the audience. If you are the provider, then some things you need to consider the amount of bandwidth you have available, speed of the server, types of hard drives you are using (ranked best to worse drives - solid state, SCSI, SATA, EIDE, IDE), compression, what format you want to use (.mov, .wmv, etc.), and your network card.

    Hope this helped.
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    Bill Gates suggested in a book that he wrote quite a while back that the internet would not take off until everyone had broadband access (by which he meant about 1000 times the speed of what is currently called broadband - which he referred to as midband). His reasnn was that only with true broadband is full screen video possible. When the internet works at the same speed as current local networks (100Mb and faster) then 1024x768 video will bbe possible (which by then will only fill about 1/6 of the screen).

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