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Thread: So new to web video, Asking for help

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    Arrow So new to web video, Asking for help

    I am so new to this, that I may sound like a fool, Okay so I've been browsing the forum and the net trying to understand and get the answer to my question, but i can't seem to find the answer..

    Okay so i want to have a WMV video embedded on my website, I've read people talking about this code, and what not, that you need to do so, and the same with Flash..

    What i don't understand when i look at the code.. i see the spot where you input the .wmv file name.. and i might not make any sense at all, but where is the code, or the internet or whatever reads this code going to get the wmv file if it is on your computer??? Do you have to upload it or something?

    Can someone please explain to me the process of this?

    See if I output my video to wmv format.. what do I do from there to get that to play on my website, or my myspace?

    And that would be better quality then uploading it to a video hoster right?

    I just want to avoid youtube, and all of those free hosters, their webvideo quality is terrible, and being that i have a Nice 3ccd camcorder that costed me a pretty penny, i'd like that to come across on the videos i have on the internet..

    ANY help is appreciated!!!!


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    For example, your WMV file is myvideo.wmv. If you have Dreamweaver, from the main menu there's an insert option. From there, it will generate code to embed the window media file in your web page. Then, upload the video file to a remote server and everyone sees your video.

    Here's a quick Google search for embed code:


    My space I can't speak for, but I would assume that it would involve going into their editor (if they have one) and manipulating and changing code which is always a fun exercise with those sites.
    Ryan Butler

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