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Thread: SWF that doesn't reload on every html page

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    SWF that doesn't reload on every html page

    Im trying to build a swf file that will continue to play over multiple html pages.


    load index.html - swf loads..... plays to frame 250 then visitor click the contact page link ..... contact page loads.. flash file plays from frame 250 onwards..

    make sense?

    at the moment as the swf is embeded in the html it reloads on every page, im trying to avoid this. i want the swf to run maybe localy from the visitors box and avoid ever reloading..

    thanx in advance

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    Why don't you breakup the main movie.
    index.html plays "your_movie.swf" frames 0 - 250
    contact.html plays "your_movie2.swf" (which are frames 251 - 500)
    Understand? Just make multiple movies from your main movie.
    There are other ways to do this, like load your movies externally into a main page.
    But it is not possible to have a movie "continue" when your button is calling a new html page to load. Which is why I said "load external movies" is a much better way.

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