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Thread: background position

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    Question background position

    Please send a copy of your reply to janna@ak.net Thanks

    I would like to have my page centered. I am using a ss for the background. Is there a way to make it fit to the page while being centered on any machine? I can't create a static position because it would need to move with the page itself. Please let me know.

    Thanks, Janna

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    I am not sure if I understood you. Do you want contents of a page centered or background centered?

    You can center background image using
    background-position: center center

    You can tile the image or just have single bgimage (background-repeat: no-repeat).

    You cannot stretch background image with CSS to fit page width.

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    background position

    Thanks for answering.
    I am wanting a background that actually stays with the page/tables, as the background, no matter how big the screen gets. I guess I'm looking to make the background static with the page no matter if it's left, center or right.
    I hope this makes sense. Thanks, Janna

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    Wink background position - updata

    I had the background-position center top tag inside a <div align="left"> so it wouldn't move. Duh. Thanks for all your help. Janna

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