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Thread: Critic (sp??) my site please

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    Critic (sp??) my site please

    I am working on this photographer's site now and I would like some feed back from you experts. Aside from the white text on the black background (which I know is hard to read but he has specified)
    1. How does the layout look to you all?
    2. Are the thumbnails on the flower page too big?
    3. Are the large images on the home page randomly changing with each reload?
    The link is here. The only navigation lines working at the moment are the Home and the Flowers - http://www3.telus.net/public/catfish/index.html

    Thanks again for your time

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    It's a nice idea for a site, and I think the white text on the black background is fine. Things I would change:

    Get a sans-serif font for text that you have to read (names and phone numbers look good in the font that you're using but on the index page I would change it to some sans-serif font type and also maybe increase your line spacing to 1.2em or something, just to make it easy to read).

    For an artsy photography site I would try my hardest to get the index page to show up without scrolling, you've got a lot of room up top and you can always make the main flower image a little smaller.

    The link hover's drive me absolutely crazy because they make everything move. If you can't figure out how to get your line to extend all the way out without pushing everything else down, then just make a simple color change or underline when hovering.

    These are all very minor aesthetic things. Other than that, the design is good, very simple and straighforward.

    Might I actually suggest using lightbox to show large size images of the thumbnails, I think it would look really great.
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    I would add, DON'T open each menu category in a new window - the user looks for the back button and finds it not accessible, not realising the main page is behind in another window.


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    Thankyou both for the great tips. It helps alot. Ps I Love that Light Box site. I will try to use it I think. (hope it's easy enough)
    Thanks again

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    You can try tuning down the white text, maybe to something a little bit grey'ish, while still keeping the white tone.

    Maybe some #dddddd, #eeeeee or #cccccc? Just a thought...
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    New site now with the Light Box

    Hi again, I've made some changes to my site after your suggestions, I got the Lightbox working and I LOVE IT! I hope it will work it you view it.

    Also, made some changes to the home page with different random images. As before, those 2 links are the only ones working. Home and Flowers. Thanks


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