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Thread: Error using COM

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    Error using COM


    I'm using a COM object from Xceed Software to create self extracting zip files (.exe). Everything works pretty good except one line:

    PHP Code:
    $xZip->SfxMessages(3) = "This is my message"
    I get an error on this line:

    PHP Fatal error: Can't use method return value in write context in test.php on line 133

    In ASP the same line would read:

    xZip.SfxMessages(xsmIntro) = "This is my message"

    The index of xmsIntro is 3, and I get the current value of this message if I do:

    PHP Code:
    $value $xZip->SfxMessages(3); 
    Seems like I cannot write to it. Is this a "weakness" in PHPs implementation of COM stuff?

    EDIT: if I do:

    PHP Code:
    $xZip->SfxMessages[3] = "This is my message"
    instead, I get this error:

    Error [0x8002000e] Invalid number of parameters.

    Anybody know of some other way of creating self extracting zip files (.exe)?

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