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Thread: I almost became a PIRATE!

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    Exclamation I almost became a PIRATE!

    I posted for help about a week ago and one of you guys really set me straight. I am new to learning this stuff and was trying to make my own website. I found a webpage I liked and got the code off of it for the general background layout. To be totally honest, I thought everybody did it and it was no big deal. The website was not up and running yet, so I actually never used it without permission. But since then I have gotten permission to use it and just wanted to set this straight so I could get help here in the future. I want to do this right! Here are the emails to prove it. Again, thanks!!

    David, Those are the only images I wanted to use. Thank you very much for letting me use them!!
    Michael Scott LaFleur

    When you first wrote I couldn’t connect to your site but the link now seems to be working.

    I don’t mind if you use the 2 images you’ve asked about. However there are some other images on our site that are ‘rights managed’ so using any of those would be a problem.

    I appreciate your honesty in this matter. Good luck with the site and your business.

    David Mulholland

    Jands Production Services
    t. 02 9364 7500
    p. 02 9364 7536
    w. www.jps.com.au


    From: Scott LaFleur <sblafleur@centurytel.net>
    Date: Wed, 9 May 2007 23:00:12 -0500
    To: <office@jps.com.au>
    Subject: website background

    Hi, I am writing to ask your permission to use the black background you have on your website on mine. I'm new to making a website and I'm trying to do it on my own. I ran across your site and love the colors. The two pictures I want to use are attached to this email. I hope you would consider this. I know many people would just use it without permission. Thanks a bunch! Scott
    Michael Scott LaFleur

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    Good for you, Scott, and glad you ran into a reasonable guy on the other end of the deal.


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    Everytime I have asked for this I get denied. Honestly I would probably do the same. Anyway...I am sure the guy would appreciate if you edit your post to remove his contact info so the whole world doesn't see it

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