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Thread: Help with Delay mouseover popup for help text...

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    Help with Delay mouseover popup for help text...


    I am trying to do a popup on a mouseover but with a delay.
    When the mouse hovers over text, I only want a popup to appear after the mouse has hovered for a few seconds.

    This is what I have set up..........

    Function in global js file globalfuncs.js:
    (This globalfuncs.js in setup in my JSP file and works fine accessing any functions from this file.)

    function winOpen(url){
    alert("entered winOpen");

    var newwindow = window.open(url,"helpwin","toolbar=no, height=200, width=200");

    Call in the JSP file:
    <a onmouseover="myTest=setTimeout('winOpen('help.do?val=Source')', 1000);" onmouseout="clearTimeout(myTest);">Hover Test</a>

    I think the problem seems to be trying to pass the string 'help.do?val=Source' with the function "winOpen". i.e. 'winOpen('help.do?val=Source')', to setTimeout method.

    I've tried many combinations of quotes to pass a string nested in a string. The result is nothing happens when the mouse hovers over. The alert statement in the winOpen functions is not executed.

    1. Any suggestions on how to pass a string embedded within a string?
    2. Any suggestions for a better way to do a popup for help text which is frameless?


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    <a onmouseover="myTest=setTimeout('winOpen(\"help.do?val=Source\")', 1000);" onmouseout="clearTimeout(myTest);">Hover Test</a>

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    why not set up a function that does summut like:

    function intervals(){
    var blah=setTimeout("function('paramaters');",time);

    then call the function fromt the mouseover, that'd cure the quote problem?

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