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Thread: rendering error in firefox

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    rendering error in firefox

    Hi all

    forgive my technical (less) talk im kinda new to web design ive run a template site for a client of mine and its not rendering right in firefox any one have any ideas why... its ok with ie7

    the page is www.missdesires.co.uk

    thanks in advance

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    There are 146 'warnings' errors ("warnings" are 'error-lites', -meaning proprietary such as IE-only or NS-only, etc., deprecated tags [old, outdated, etc]. Most are easily dismissable.
    This 'warning' is potentially page-layout busting:

    line 55 column 23 - Warning: missing </a> before </td>

    meaning that an anchor is not properly closed, it could be making the next element partially a 'link', thus causing the three links to be right-shifted in Firefox (whereas IE will incorrectly ignore a missing or misplaced end/closing tag..).
    I build for: Firefox and tweak for IE

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