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    SSI Question

    In the process of creating a multilingual website I have placed language-specific pages into subdirectories of directories in the root called English, French etc. On most of my pages I use an SSI include directive to incorporte a menubar at the top of the page

    Before I went multilingual all of my subdirectories were in the root directory with a virtual path pointing to each one of them - I am doing my local testing using Abyss. Under that scenario this

    <!--#include virtual="/includes/logo.html" -->

    worked perfectly. However, now I have multiple includes directores - one inside each language directory. I an set up a virtual path to each language directory but I am not clear how then I access files in a subdirectory of the language directory. Setting up virtual paths in the server to subdirectories ineach langauge would get very tedious, not to mention the amount of work I would have to do keeping nearly identical bits of code functioning.

    I am pretty sure there is a simpler and more elegant solution but I am cannot see it. I would much appreciate any suggestions.

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    Try removing the leading /

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    Quote Originally Posted by felgall
    Try removing the leading /
    Thanks. In the meantime I had discovered that what was required was

    <!--'include /en/includes/logo.html -->

    for the includes and relative paths to the menu item links specified in the form


    Don't know if this is Abyss specific but SSI seems to be very picky about precisely how you specify file locations. Am I likely to have any trouble trying to replicate my directory structure on a real (shared) server and still use my file location specifiers?

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