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Thread: Active link not changing color

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    Active link not changing color

    Hello there. I am working on a new webpage that CSS style sheets came with already. Rather than make a brand new one, I am working with what is came with. I can't figure out how to make the active link's text color work correctly though. I can get the active page's link background to change, but not the text color. Here is a sample of the CSS. Maybe someone knows how to fix it.
    #primary-nav a { 
       border: 1px solid #006699; 
       display: block; 
       margin: 0px; 
       padding: 5px 10px; 
       color: #000000;
       text-decoration: none; 
       background: transparent; 
    #primary-nav li, #primary-nav li.menuparent { 
       background-color: #B8AE9C; 
    /* Styling the basic apperance of the active page elements (shows what page in the menu is being displayed) */
    #primary-nav li.menuactive { 
       background-color: #595241;
       color: #FFFFFF;
    Not sure what the .menu stuff is after the styles but maybe someone does. Thanks.

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    You need to change the colour of the <a> itself, not just the <li>, so add :
    #primary-nav li.menuactive a { 
       color: #FFFFFF;

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