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Thread: Put the email client focus on the "To"

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    Put the email client focus on the "To"

    Here's my query:

    We are adding a Send to a Friend link on our site. I am limited to how I can do this, so no forms - just a simple mailto protocol. Here's the code:

    <a href="mailto:?subject=Some kind of subject&body=Hello,%0A%0AI thought you'd be interested in this important information."><img src="/images/email_logo.gif" border="0" /></a>

    They want me to make the "To" in the email client (any - Outlook, Lotus, etc.,) have the "To" be the focus of the cursor. Right now the "Subject" is the focus of the cursor. Is there a way, through JavaScript, to tell whatever email client is being opened to put the focus on the "To"?

    Remember, the surfer needs to fill in the person from their address book to email this to, themself, we aren't doing that for them.

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    No. That would be something that the email program you are calling would decide for itself (assuming that there is an email program available - which in many instances there is not).

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