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Thread: Dreamweaver Layout Problem

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    Dreamweaver Layout Problem

    This may sound like a silly question because I am still new to the whole web development thing. I am creating a webpage from a template that i have created in dreamweaver. Whenever i put in text or images into the editable regions in the template the layout of the page gets messed up. If there is not enough space in the region for all the text the layout also messes up.

    I have seen templates before that extend when the editable regions are filled up. How do i go about doing this and is there a way to lock my templates so that the layout does not get messed up when i want to add images, text etc?


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    Well if you are inserting an image that dos not fit, let's say the space you have is 150X150 but your image is 100X100... you will need to change your dimensions on the image to 100X100 to make it fit.

    As far as the other, it depends on the template and how you are using code to develop your website

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