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Thread: Web-Related Careers

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    there is many career option in web or internet
    if u do digital marketing then many options in digital marketing
    if u do ccna training then many options in networking field

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    Many oportunities, perhaps we should focus first.

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    Hi ALL

    I am looking to get a team of website, application and marketing individuals together to start Beddall and Co LLC.
    Our aim will be simple, to target new business start ups and growing business's, so why team up. It's simple.
    A new client will usually want a website which our Website Development Department will happily provide, as there business grows, our Application Development Team will handle there iPhone/Android applications, again as it grows our Marketing Team can handle there adverts and Social Media Etc.
    What this means is a client we can repeatedly bill, Each department get's 60% commission for the work undertaken. The additional 40% grows our business. Now don't get me wrong it will be slow at first, but as we build a unique and desirable brand we can grow and grow and grow.
    To start the business I need qualified individuals, that’s where you come in. If you want additional work get in touch.
    You will be self-employed to start, the rate is 60% commission. As we grow the business new positions will become available and we will quickly build a team of quality professionals. The first people to take me up on this offer will be the first to be offered partner within Beddall and Co LLC.
    When we have the professionals I will start building the business and acquiring new clients.
    I don’t want any money, no fee's just highly motivated professionals with a view to increase there income and start something new and great. Think how much more you could make once our brand takes of.
    Initial Positions
    Website Developer
    Application Developer
    Ecommerce Developer
    SEO Developer
    Social Media Developer
    Marketing Developer
    What do you have to lose, the business will start off slowly. Initially as a Team we will build a brand, then we will start to build our client base.
    If you are interested, get in touch, let me know what you can do. Each position is limited (to start with) to one professional. As we grow and recruit you will be in the prime position to run that department. So we want highly motivated individuals.
    To start with you will be working from home, we will keep in contact via Email, Skype etc. As we grow we will look to get a Client Relations Department and offices, they will be responsible for acquiring new clients.
    This really is an excellent opportunity.
    Remember I don’t want anything in return. No money, Just you to do the work you say you can.
    The starting rate will be 60% so £3000.00 would be £1800.00 / £1200.00. That £1200.00 will grow the business advertising, brand building and operational costs.
    Once we have a full team, I will get everyone together and we can start to shape the future of web development.

    Michael Beddall


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