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Thread: CustomValidator client script not firing

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    CustomValidator client script not firing

    I have a page where the user enters address data. They can select a country from a drop down list. Depending on what country is selected, the user enters their province/state by either a textbox or a drop down list.

    If they select USA/Canada, a drop down list is populated with the states/provinces and made visible, while the state textbox is made invisible. If they select a country other than USA/Canada, the state drop down list is made invisible, and a state textbox is made visible. The first item in the drop down list is "select your state/province" with a value of "".

    I want to use a custom validator to validate the user's state selection. I am working on my javascript validation script, and currently have no server-side validation. The problem is, if the user leaves the state unselected, or changes from a valid state selection to "select your state/province", the validation function never gets called.

    here is my validator:
    <asp:CustomValidator ID="cvState" runat="server" ClientValidationFunction="validateStateSelection" ErrorMessage="* Required" ControlToValidate="ddlCountry" ValidateEmptyText="True"></asp:CustomValidator></td>
    here is my validation function:
    function validateStateSelection(source, arguments)
        alert("client validation func called");
        if(arguments.Value == null || arguments.Value == "")
            arguments.IsValid = false;
        arguments.IsValid = true;

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    you can have 2 different validation controls to validate the same control.
    You can add a compare validator to the state control. Set your "select your state/province" with a zero or a high number you are sure the rest of the options don't have then set the value to compare to that number. Set the operator to NotEqual.

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