OK, everybody, this must be the most random thread you have ever seen on Webdeveloper.com. Do you prefer cooking with an electric stove, gas stove, or does somebody else in your house cook?

I prefer electric stoves. They seem to last longer require less maintenance. And when you do maintain then it's probably just replacing a heating element after several years. I think they look nicer and are easy to clean, at least the ones with ceramic tops. They're probably safer, too; a gas stove could explode if something went wrong with the burner, or if a gas tank wasn't connected right. Speaking of tanks, it's much more convenient to have the cost of cooking built in to your electric bill than to have to deal with having your tanks filled however they need to be depending on your needs. We have to take our tanks to a campground near us to have them filled up, and deal with disconnecting them and connecting them again and switching them.... The propane trucks don't come down out road in the winter, as it is a private, skinny, rut-infested road; we don't get trash pickup in the winter either, but that's another issue.

However there are a couple good things about a gas stove. You always see the professional chefs on TV cook with gas stoves. When you turn on a gas stove, the flame is instantly on (assuming it lights correctly....) and it's ready to cook. You have to wait a minute or so for electrics to heat up. And you have better control over a gas flame, too; you turn the knob and the flame gets larger or smaller.

Which do you prefer, personally, based upon your own needs?