I was once in a position were I knew that I had enough of a solid career in software engineering which would allow me to take some time off and pursue my second dream job.....as a chef!

I worked as a chef in some fine hotels and bistros and I can tell you this, as an expert in matters of cooking......I have never seen an electric range in a professional kitchen.

Someone said...gas on, gas off, nuff said. Well, I understand that point if it was made years ago. I am unfortunately stuck with electric as I live out in the desert and we have no gas pipeline here, but we do have an electric range that you turn on and it heats to full capacity in about 2 seconds.
The "gas off" makes no sense, because all gas ranges have a metal conductor base to help with heating and to support the pan, so when you "gas off" it is still hot for some time.

Gas is better simply because it is more natural.

And for those who support electric...do you know how much raw electricity it takes to convert into heat? We are now talking about wattage....that's the thing that costs you a fortune. To convert joules into Fahrenheit costs a lot of money...hence the high cost of running a drier.

Gas on the other end converts to heat with the cost of a single match!

Isn't this like saying: "Which is a better networking platform...Windows or Linux" ?

My two bits!