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Thread: How do I pull one HTML page onto another and put it in a table?

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    How do I pull one HTML page onto another and put it in a table?

    I'm not a programer, but I do some web work for a car club website (www.ffcobra.com) and I know this should sound easy. I want to create an HTML page "A" and allow that content to pulled into other HTML pages in a table. How can I do this? I know I could use iframe, but I don't like frames. And when I tried using iframe, I couldn't get the target page to automatically re-size the table cell to fit the content. If I change the content, the page cuts off the words.

    Thanks in advance.

    - Bill

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    I just thought I would voice that Iframes are not the same as the traditional frames that most people dislike. you should at least give it a chance!

    Frames done correctly can be very effective.

    however to your question... if you want it to load on the same page the iframe is the only way to go... Are you familar with how SSI works? it could be a solution, however I'm not sure it's what your looking for.
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    I would say use an iframe. Iframes do not require framesets or anything like that. Just put this in the body of the page where ever you want it to be
    <iframe src="thefile.html" height="something" width="something"><a href="leavealink.html">For those who can't display an iframe</a></iframe>

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    Thanks for the help. How do I put an iframe in a cell and have the incoming data automatically re-size to the size of the in-coming cell?


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