So, the code bellow is from my .httaccess files. i bought a script for image uploading a while back and the person selling it gives really "poor" support, he havent answered in about 2 weeks now so i am asking for a bit of help.

The code bellow handles the static URLS that the script gives after you upload a image. the ULR becomes for example "http://sitename/out.php/i6_1.jpg" but always gives a "cannot be found" error, thou i can se the images in the admin panel or trou a direct link like "http://sitename/upload/i6_1.jpg"

so now i wonder if someone can se some errors in this code and help me fix it? im running the script under windows 2003 ISS 6

PHP Code:
RewriteEngine on
##point to installation directory
##if it is the root dir,enter /
##else /otherdir
RewriteBase  /

## uncomment(i.e:remove # ) below lines if the static url doesn't work
## and rename show.php -> show2.php, out.php -> out2.php, view.php -> view2.php, images.php -> images2.php,  
#RewriteRule   ^show\.php/(.*)$ show2.php?img=$1 [L]
#RewriteRule   ^out\.php/([a-z]{1})(.*)$ out2.php?$1=$2&%{QUERY_STRING} [L]
#RewriteRule   ^view\.php/(.*)$ view2.php?img=$1 [L]
#RewriteRule   ^images\.php/([a-z]{1})(.*)$ images2.php?$1=$2&%{QUERY_STRING} [L]

RewriteRule   ^gallery/([0-9]+)-([^/]*)/(.*)$ gallery.php?gal=$1&img=$[L]
RewriteRule   ^view/([0-9]+)-([^/]*)/(.*)$ gallery_body.php?gal=$1&img=$[L