Hi - Newbie here - I am hacking into this Framezoomer component to try and get it to work - and it does - except for one thing- Near the bottom of this bit of code is description="SAMPLELINK"

What I need to do is get SAMPLELINK to be an actual link. I tried a bunch of things - ulink - xlinks... I know I need to declare the xlink somewhere... but where?

I can change the config if I have to!

Thanks for your help. The beer is on me if you are in town!


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<defaultFrame width="30" height="30">
<border type="double" width="0" color="0xFFFFFF" color2="0xFF0000"/>
<defaultImage showDescription="false">
<application backgroundColor="0x000000" />
<image src="imgs/slovakia.jpg" title="Click a section to navigate" description="A fresh member of European Union. Fabulous country with many great places to visit. Located in the hearth of Europe. Just 20minutes by car from Vienna International Airport.">
<frame offsetX="0" offsetY="0" width="140" height="170">
<border type="double" width="" color="0xFF0000" color2="0x0000FF"/>
<image src="imgs/slovakia-detail-bratislava.jpg" backgroundColor="0x000000" title="Check it" description="SAMPLELINK">