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    I want to put webpage translator on my website
    .I went to this website http://www.rohitab.com/cgiscripts/tr...l#Installation

    I followed their instruction and made necesary changes in translingo.pl and put this file in cgi-bin directory.
    I put the rest of the file in /home/bestfrom/public_html/translingo

    I m having problem.
    I have emaild to Rohitab but didn't got any reply.

    Below is the modified translingo.pl

    # Copyright and Licence
    # Tr„nsLžngŲ Version 2.01 for NT and Unix : Make your Web Site Multilingual
    # Copyright (C) 2001 Rohitab Batra
    # You may give exact copies of this script (software) to anyone. You may not charge
    # any fee for the copy or use of this software, but you may charge a distribution fee
    # that is reasonably related to any cost you incur distributing the software. You
    # may not represent in any way that you are selling the software yourself.
    # Permission is granted to use this script for private and commercial use. You
    # may modify the script provided the licence is kept intact and you don not
    # distribute a modified version of the script. You may not create derivative works
    # based on the software. You may not rent or lease the software.
    # If you would like any changes to be made in this script, please e-mail me.
    # Author: Rohitab Batra
    # Author e-mail: rohitab@rohitab.com
    # Author Homepage: http://www.rohitab.com/
    # Script Homepage: http://www.rohitab.com/cgiscripts/translingo.html
    # Product Support: http://www.rohitab.com/support/
    # Discussion Forum: http://www.rohitab.com/discuss/
    # Mailing List: http://www.rohitab.com/mlist/
    # User - Configuration - Make changes to this section
    # $DataDirectory = "/home/bestfrom/public_html/translingo/";
    $DataDirectory = "/websites/bestfromindia.com/public_html/translingo/";
    # This is the full path of the directory in which the Tr„nsLžngŲ
    # data files are stored. The path should end with a double backslash
    # "\\" character for Windows NT/2K and a forwardslash "/" for *nix.
    # character. See the following 2 examples
    # /home/rohitab.com/webs/translingo/
    # D:\\inetpub\\rohitab.com\\translingo\\

    $URLDataDirectory = "/translingo/";
    # This is the URL of the data directory. It must end with a fowardslash
    # character "/". So, for example, if the above data directory
    # /home/rohitab.com/webs/translingo/ is visible on the internet
    # as http://rohitab.com/translingo/, then you must enter "/translingo/"

    @Referers=('rohitab.com', 'www.rohitab.com', 'bestfromindia.com', 'www.bestfromindia.com');
    # This is the list of domains that are allowed
    # to call this script. This is used, so that
    # people from other sites cannot use the script
    # directly from your server.


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    Every thing is in comments, unless there is more to the script.

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    Not so. There are two scalars and an array that are not commented out --

    $DataDirectory = "/websites/bestfromindia.com/public_html/translingo/";

    $URLDataDirectory = "/translingo/";

    @Referers=('rohitab.com', 'www.rohitab.com', 'bestfromindia.com', 'www.bestfromindia.com');

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    Translingo.net is a spyware/trojan


    Translingo.org is a place for free multilingual web translator download. But
    Please watch out for TRANSLINGO.NET this site when you first glancing quickly of the contents and you think of the translator website but it's not.

    I clicked on one tab in the mainbar and my PC was alerted of a trojan invasion. It was too late. I was infected with two trojans and a virus. My virus software could only remove virus and spyware but not the trojan.

    I recommend to look for Spybot search and destroy. this software will help to remove trojan.

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