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Thread: Two equal columns

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    Two equal columns

    Ok, I'm trying something that should be easy to do but of course it doesn't work, at least in IE6.

    I'm trying to set up two equal width columns (divs) within a larger centered fixed-width div. I've given the divs for the columns different background colors (along with the main div) to show how they line up. The The page can be found at http://www.newstartchurch.net/testing.htm. Can someone tell me why this isn't working in IE6? I'm wanting to know why they aren't side by side.

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    Don't set the width of #rc - as you have a left margin of 50%, the div will automatically fill the remaining width.

    Also note that IE doesn't handle collapsing margins properly either, giving the different height displays (default margins on paragraph).

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