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Thread: Multidimensional Nav Array

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    Multidimensional Nav Array

    Hi. Can someone help me set up an array for a file I am using in navigation? The navigation is an unordered list, which will then get styled as tabs with CSS.

    It needs to store 6 things.
    1) The name of the link
    2) The URL of each link
    3) A sub link name, if there is one
    4) The sub nav's URL

    It should generate something like this:
    <ul id="primary">
    <li><a href="main.html">Main Item 1</a></li>
    <li><a href="main2.html">Main Item 2</a>
    <ul id="secondary">
    <li><a href="subnav">Sub</a></li>
    Anyway a one dimensional array is easy. that would be this:
    $nav_items = array(
    "Home" => "index.php",
    "Resources" => "resources.php",
    "Help" => "help.php",
    "About NCBI" => "about.php"
    echo "<ul id=\"primary\">\n";
    foreach ($nav_items as $txt => $url) { 
       echo "\t<li><a href=\"$url\">$txt</a></li>\n";
    echo "</ul>";
    But how would I create an array that would also hold sub nav items and their hrefs?

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    Please don't double post. Other thread removed.

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