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Thread: Requesting review for: Hypersyllogistic

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    Requesting review for: Hypersyllogistic

    I have recently redesigned my web site, Hypersyllogistic, from a table-based layout to a CSS-based layout. Now that I'm mostly done, I was wondering if the posters here could offer commentary on the results?

    Here are issues of which I'm aware:
    • The Advanced Poll widget uses bad code, in the form of tables and antique HTML.
    • When I was transferring the site database from an old server to the new server, some of the characters got corrupted. They now appear as question marks. I'll probably have to fix these manually.
    • The links in the posts list don't validate.

    Thank you for your attention!
    Hypersyllogistic: Partisanship Rehab

    Because we need to combat rancorous partisanship and factional agendas.

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    The design looks dated -- like late 90's. Congrats, though, on updating the coding. The next thing you might look into is semantic coding -- using headings and such.

    Now that you're taking the CSS plunge, you may want to start using some online resources to help you with your coding. According to the HTML Validator, you've got quite a few errors to fix. Once you get those fixed, look into using the W3C CSS Validator.


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