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Thread: Calling remote file into a .php or cgi file.

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    Calling remote file into a .php or cgi file.

    I recently inquired about how to have HTML codes inserted into a webpage from a remote file. What I discovered, worked like a charm;

    <!--#include file="example.txt" --> or <!--#include virtual=" example.txt" -->

    However, where this fell short was in calling the remote file into a ‘cgi-bin script’ or .php file. I tried researching a solution which lead me to using the following codes;

    <?php include example.php'; ?> or <?php include example. txt; ?>

    This was unsuccessful. Am I missing anything? Can anyone please offer some advice on what would be the easiest way to have my .php file recognize HTML codes from a remote file?

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    What do you mean with " This was unsuccessful"...do you get some kind of error or what?

    <?php include("example.php"); ?>
    , make sure the php file is in place.

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