hi i have a page with 5 links on it:

<a href="#test1">Link1</a>
<a href="#test2">Link2</a>
<a href="#test3">Link3</a>
<a href="#test4">Link4</a>
<a href="#test5">Link5</a>
<a href="#test6">Link6</a>
obviously it just adds "#something" onto the end of the url.

what i would like is that everytime the url changes, it uses the #something and loads that text into a div on the page. furthermore i also want this to happen if the user clicks the back button on the browser.

i'm trying to keep a history for an ajax app and was just wondering what would be the best method for this, no events are fired (or are they) when the url changes so i can't add an event listener.

any advice/help is appreciated

thanks guys