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Thread: Need another category for alphabetical directory

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    Need another category for alphabetical directory

    Hi, I am maintaining an online membership database for an association wherein you can search for members by name alphabetically. We have three members (businesses), however, whose name starts with a number instead of a letter, i.e., "84 Lumber". Can someone please help me edit our existing code to include a "catch-all" results page for all businesses with numbered names.

    Current Code (whittled down) =================================

    HTML Code:
    <a href="cccia-members.asp?sort=a">A</a> | <a href="cccia-members.asp?sort=b">B</a>  | <a href="cccia-members.asp?sort=c">C</a>  | <a href="cccia-members.asp?sort=d">D</a>  | <a href="cccia-members.asp?sort=e">E</a>  | <a href="cccia-members.asp?sort=f">F</a> |  <a href="cccia-members.asp?sort=g">G</a>  | <a href="cccia-members.asp?sort=h">H</a> |  <a href="cccia-members.asp?sort=i">I</a> |  <a href="cccia-members.asp?sort=j">J</a> |  <a href="cccia-members.asp?sort=k">K</a> |  <a href="cccia-members.asp?sort=l">L</a> |  <a href="cccia-members.asp?sort=m">M</a> |  <a href="cccia-members.asp?sort=n">N</a> |  <a href="cccia-members.asp?sort=o">O</a>  | <a href="cccia-members.asp?sort=p">P</a> | <a href="cccia-members.asp?sort=q">Q</a>  | <a href="cccia-members.asp?sort=r">R</a> |  <a href="cccia-members.asp?sort=s">S</a>  | <a href="cccia-members.asp?sort=t">T</a>  | <a href="cccia-members.asp?sort=u">U</a> |  <a href="cccia-members.asp?sort=v">V</a>  | <a href="cccia-members.asp?sort=w">W</a>  | <a href="cccia-members.asp?sort=x">X</a>  | <a href="cccia-members.asp?sort=y">Y</a> |  <a href="cccia-members.asp?sort=z">Z</a></p>
    <p class="center">[ <a href="category-search.asp">Search by Category</a> ] </p>
    <p class="center">[ <a href="mailto:info@cccia.org?subject=Please update my directory Listing">Update my Listing</a> ]</p>
    <table class="tablecontainer">
    <td width="227" height="37"><h2>Company</h2></td>
    <td width="187"><h2>Contact</h2></td>
    <td width="298"><h2>Website</h2></td>
    While ((Repeat1__numRows <> 0) AND (NOT dirSort.EOF)) 
         <% If Not dirSort.EOF Or Not dirSort.BOF Then %>
    <td valign="top"><p>
    <%=(dirSort.Fields.Item("memCity").Value)%>,&nbsp;<%=(dirSort.Fields.Item("WorkStateOrProvince").Value)%> &nbsp;<%=(dirSort.Fields.Item("WorkPostalCode").Value)%></p></td>
    <td valign="top"><p>
    <%=MakeHyperlink((dirSort.Fields.Item("mememail").Value))%> </p></td>
    <td valign="bottom"><p><%=MakeHyperlink((dirSort.Fields.Item("memurl").Value))%></p></td>
         <% End If ' end Not dirSort.EOF Or NOT dirSort.BOF %>
    <td height="41" colspan="4"><div align="center">
             <% If dirSort.EOF And dirSort.BOF Then %>
             <p>There Are No Results For Your Search </p>
             <% End If ' end dirSort.EOF And dirSort.BOF %>

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    Post the code that creates and opens your recordset.

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    Thank you, but I have this resolved. Have a great evening!

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