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Thread: What happened to Roadmaster bicycles?

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    What happened to Roadmaster bicycles?

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody knows if Roadmaster Bicycles still exist. I had a Roadmaster MTN Sport SX that, unfortunately, I bought from Wal-Mart (I didn't know any better at the time). Tomorrow will be its fourth year in my posession (I bought it June 6, 2003). It was completely falling apart, and I went to change the rear tube because the tire was flat and it seemed as through the tube was too big. I put all the bolts holding the derailer (the thing that shifts gear in the rear) and the rear wheel itself under our lawnmower. A month later I figured out how to get the tube on, but I moved the lawnmower and the bolts disappeared. Even if I got new bolts the bike wouldn't be worth it. Now I'm getting a new bike and I really want another Roadmaster- but from ANYWHERE besides Wal-Mart. It seems as though Roadmaster doesn't exist; they don't have them at Dick's Sporting Goods, Toys-R-Us, Sears... they do have two Roadmaster MT Sport SX's at my local Wal-Mart, but again I refuse to get another bike from there. They don't have any website, as far as I can tell. I read in my manual that they are (or were) owned by Pacific Cycle Company. I went to Pacific's website, and under their list of brands Roadmaster doesn't show up.

    Can anybody tell me where they sell new Roadmasters, and what their website is (if they have one)? Or if they just don't exist? And if they don't exist, what brand is the best alternative to a Roadmaster? I'm thinking Schwinn or Mongoose. I notice that both Schwinn and Mongoose are owned by Pacific Cycle Company (they were under the brands list.) I don't want a Huffy, and those Jeep bicycles are pretty expensive, although they probably would last forever and be extremely nice....
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    I know everything now; I would have posted sooner but I've been forgetting that Webdeveloper exists...

    But anyway, Pacific Cycle Company (They make Schwinn, Mongoose, and a couple other brands) makes "A Roadmaster bike" that's only available through Wal-Mart. Roadmaster had gone out of business in 1998. I know this because I called the support number in my old Roadmaster's manual and asked about it. It's weird that Roadmaster doesn't show up on Pacific's brand list on their website, though.

    Last night I (FINALLY) made the final decision: I got a Schwinn at Toys-R-Us. We bought it disassembled in a box, because my parents' cars are both Japanese. One's a Honda and one's a Lexus. It seems as though the Japanese sedans have the entire seat fold down at once- although on my dad's old car (a Buick) and my mom's old car (a Mercury) the seats folded down two parts at a time so there could be at least one person sitting in the back while the other part of the seat was folded down. Japanese cars last forever... but they are SO weird sometimes....

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    My bike is a Huffy but I can't tell you more than that. I have had two different people query me on the bike, stating that the design of the bike is "Pacific", but painted in Huffy colors. -Perhaps Huffy bought some Pacific bike parts/frames and briefly assimilated them into theirs to boost the bottom line? I know that the bike was a eye-waterin' deal for the price.
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    You only have a few configurations of tube and frame shape so if you look at allot of bikes on the market, it is hard to tell them apart from other manufacturers.

    As well as that, you now have a situation where allot of bikes are now manufactured in places like China and Taiwan and imported with the logos of your favourite makes.

    It makes little difference today, your budget frame was likely to have come from the same factory that made your expensive branded frame...
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    Well this is a couple days over a week since I made that last post the day after I purchased the Schwinn.... So I'll tell you all about it now that I have ridden it and found every, little, little issue with it and adjusted it so right now there's not a single thing out of wack.

    The assembling process was easy, it took several hours though because it slowed me down to look for the correct tools (this bike... is made up ENTIRELY of allen wrench bolts, so if allen wrenches are something you infrequently use dig 'em out before you buy a Schwinn!). The first thing I did was attach the front wheel, and it's really nice that it has a quick-release lever so I didn't have to go looking for the correct wrench. I had to take one of the brake pads off, though, so I didn't shove the tire through the brake area. That was simple, though. Then I attached the handle bar. The brake and shift cables were already connected, but I had to disconnect the brakes because they were interfering with getting the handle bar on. Then I put the seat in, and the only thing I had to do to the peddals was screw on the black part. The peddle arms were already in place and adjusted. I put on the rear reflector and the water bottle cage on without a problem, but the front reflector... it's a bit tough to find exactly where to put it. I think it's in the wrong place, but all of the other metal poles in that area are too wide and I'd break the reflector trying to get it on. I couldn't put it around the suspension rod, either.... so I settled on a smaller one right up top near where the actual handle bar is. Five or ten minutes getting the brakes adjusted just right, and I went outside for the maiden voyage. I noticed that I heard a little bit of a scraping noise, and I found out that it was that the front derailleur had been adjusted so it didn't slack enough when it was all the way down in the first gear. So I just took a screwdriver, and one turn of a little screw did the trick. But then I noticed that the front fork was facing backwards... off comes the tire and the brake pad, out come the breake cables, I turn the fork the right way, and on everything goes again. After that- everything is perfect. It rides very smoth, makes absolutely no noise except for tire over sand, (yes, I live on a dirt road, unfortunately for my bicycles!) and the shifting is seamless. It is always in the right gear and the knob for shifting feels very solid. It's a Shimano shifting system; now I know why they're in practically every bicycle brand! The suspension on the front is very soft; I had always thought that the suspension on my old Roadmaster was pretty stiff; the combination of that and the suspension of my new Schwinn being designed to be softer than usual makes an extremely pleasant change for me.

    I already have a "hero" story for this Schwinn. So my road is very hilly; there's one stretch where there's a fairly short, steep hill and then it's slightly downhill for maybe a quarter of a mile or so. Then there's another big hill down and there's a big straight way, so I like to start at the top of the first short, steep hill and fly down as fast as I can. Now, there are only two of three people who live beyond me and there's very little traffic, so when I'm out there for 45 minutes or so riding my bike only 1 or 2 cars go by. I'm flying down the strech of hill, and what a perfect time for my idiot neighbor to come flying out of his driveway like a maniac (Maniac is actually what I refer to his son as.) and I'm only about 15 or 20 feet away from him. What do I do? Slam on my brakes, obviously. I must have gone from 30 MPH to zero in about seven feet. Now if it was any other bike, especially my old one, I probably wouldn't be telling this story now. Well, I guess that I could have veered off the road and flown in to the ditch, but I'd probably have wound up breaking something anyway....

    So, overall the bike is extremely well made, the setup process is easy but it takes a few rides and a few hours to get everything perfectly adjusted, and yeah... the brakes are excellent!

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    Someone PMed me concerning Roadmaster bikes, and I tried to PM them back, but apparently they're either not allowed to receive PMs or they set it that way.... Anywho, since it was concerning Roadmaster bikes, I'll post what I was going to reply in here:


    The only place they're sold at is WalMart. There are only a couple models being made. They're relatively cheap, though.... The last RoadMaster bike I had had one problem... which led to another, which led to dozens more.... But it was my fault, really. I used to put sticks in between the spokes and drive forward and break the sticks. That misaligned the wheel, and the brakes were always rubbing.... Then the back tire went flat. I attempted to replace the tube.... And I couldn't get it on for some reason. I put the nuts and bolts for the tire assembly in the shed, under the lawnmower. I left the bike outside for a number of weeks, over the winter, I think, and I eventually got the new tube back on. I went to find the bolts... And they disappeared. A few months later, I found them on top of the generator. I reassembled the tire. Now, the tire holds pressure very well. However, out of rust, it doesn't shift. Neither of the brakes work because they're too worn out. One of the gear shift knobs broke (even before it was left outside over the winter).

    I only had that bike three, maybe four years. In my opinion, a very premature death. However, I'm sure that if I took better care of a new one, it's last longer.

    This past late Spring I wanted a new bike to replace the old one. At that time, I was very discouraged from buying a bike from WalMart, as at that time I thought it was WalMart's fault that my bike broke so fast. Now, however, I realize it's my fault. I got a Schwinn from Toys-R-Us. And this Schwinn and Roadmaster are both made by Pacific Cycle Co. The real difference between Schwinn and Roadmaster is that Roadmaster is basically a low-end bike only sold at WalMart.

    Sorry for all that rambling... but to answer your question: Roadmasters are at WalMart. There are only a couple models available, and they're sometimes way up on the top bike rack in the store, so you'll have to hunt for them. But they do exist.


    Sorry for the double-post.... This editing rule really makes things complicated sometimes.

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    Roadmaster Bicycle

    I have a Roadmaster Explorer that was given to us from my son after finishing college. I don't know what to do with it. It has been with us for 16 years but we have ridden it a few times and last a year ago.
    I don't have any idea what it would have cost when new. It is in great shape.
    I guess from your descriptin it must have come from Walmart. I don't ride it anymore.....I have bought a really light Bianchi bike as I belong to a biking group now.
    Any thoughts!!


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    Roadmaster Bicycle

    My Bike Is An Old Roadmaster Too. Im Thinking Of Rebuilding It (its Got A Lot Of Wear ). I'm Kinda Attached To Mine. We've Been Through Alot Together .could You Be Convinced Into Selling Yours? I Wouldn't Care To Spend A Lot Of Money On New Parts , Even If You Could Get Them . Let Me Know. Thanks

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    Talking found this today

    I came across this posting today while searching for some parts for my roadmaster 26 inch that I purchased in 1997 at KBToys, its a roadmaster chrome edition, great bike though I've not used it for at least seven years.
    I'm adding a lot of after market items such as lights, mirrors, siren, saddle bags.
    It came with the water bottle and rear fender mounted carrier.
    When warmer weather starts (I'm frozen in Indiana) I'll grease the chain, replace the inner tubes, and maybe replace the break cables.
    I think I paid about one hundred dollars for the bike during a major Christmas sale in late 1997, the old speedometer reads 1,217.7 miles.
    I wasn't aware roadmaster went out of business until I read these postings, I'm 42 and I've never owned anything other than a roadmaster so I hope I can keep this one in working condition. I've seen the models walmart offers but they differ greatly from the roadmasters I've always known.
    I've also discovered a lack of bicycle shops, my small city used to have 3 now we have none and the near by larger cities seem to have none, at I haven't found any yet in my early quick search online and phone books.
    If my health allows I may try to augment my disability income by opening a small bike repair shop as the internet allows my access to hard to find parts and tools.
    Now that I'm far off topic I'll jus shut up.

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    Talking andrew 307

    hey there, agentandy i'm happy to see someone got to see my post about the roadmaster. what makes your bike the chrome edition? a lot of chrome? that would be really cool to see. could you get a picture of it on the thread someday? no hurry there. we got all winter to talk . 'i too thought these bikes were still manufactured somewhere but no. i need parts for mine man,i'm patching it up with whatever works. so far so good. but i'd like to buy one either to use or for parts.if you could be persuaded to sell yours let me know cuz. ok ?talk to ya soon.thanks

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    roadmaster oh roadmaster where art thou?

    hi there fellow roadies any new news about old roadmasters out and about to be available. i still need one either to part out or to ride. any suggestions as to where and how. mine just got the 6th flat in tha last two months and its being put up for awhile. these roads are just treacherous with ****. excuse the pointed talk but heck when do these flats stop ?!! any how let me know asap if you're onto one of these bikes thank you.

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    roadmaster chrome edition

    I own a Roadmaster Chrome Edition as well, probably bought around the same time, only from KMart. It has always been a great bike, and was made in the USA. It's a shame they're gone-a name only now. Mine is still like new.

    There actually isn't alot of chrome on the bike. It has a emerald green metallic paint on it. The wheels and handlebars are flat black. I think it comes from the decals on it-they are done in a pearlescent finish that makes it shiny and reflective. I believe I will never part with this bike because I would probably never find a better made bike and my wife bought it for me.

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    I have a Roadmaster sx to sell

    I don't know much about bikes. I bought it to use at burning man. Everyone's talking so positively about these bikes. Is it worth it to fix it up and keep it? Does anyone know if the newer models are as good? It's rideable & needs work. It would be good for parts. It says "Roadmaster SX", "oversized", "Mt-Sport".

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