Hi. tied myself in knots trying to get this done.

I need someone to point me in the right direction here please, my knowledge of SQL databases & server scripting is limited.

I decided to create a simple database code archive.
The idea is a HTML form with a TEXTAREA for pasting in scripts/code ( or clever bits of scripts ) with a couple of tag fields & a description field for searches & fast lookup.

So, input/update is from HTML form to Perl to mySQL blob.

Retrieval is the reverse process , allowing me to copy & paste from the resulting TEXTAREA into whatever project I'm needing it.

The script/code to be saved may be HTML,Javascript,Actionscript,Lingo,Perl or whatever.
The server is private so I am not significantly concerned about security.

What would be the best mechanism to avoid Perl trying to interpret Perl code from the TEXTAREA ( rather than just storing it ) and the browser trying to parse any HTML output (rather than just displaying it as code in the TEXTAREA ) ?

Thanks for any advice