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Thread: C# or VB

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    Question C# or VB

    Iam new to .net technologies. I have worked with asp.
    Iam going to do an e-commerce application using .net. Which language(C# or VB) is better for developing such an application? Please recommend some books and/or sites for the same.

    Thanks in advance.......

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    It's a matter of personal preference and what you're most comfortable with. Anything you can do in one, you can do in the other. Since you have worked with asp (vbscript) you would probably learn it faster using VisualBasic.Net - I was in the same position and was able to pick up .net pretty fast.

    The last article I read on C# vs VB usage, it was running about 52% using C# and 48% using VB -- so no real big advantage to going with one or the other.


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    Question Thanks

    Thanks Don. Let me go ahead with VB.net.......

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