I can be described as person not knowing anything about webdesign or web jargon, just bits & pieces within a office enviroment.

We have currently moved our website from 1 host to another.

We have a website using Modx, which I am a bit unhappy with with as the site is only 6 months old & it is becoming more difficult to use. I prefer to edit pages with CS3 Contribute, which I have downloaded the trial software for 30 days. I am looking to copy our website from modx to htm (I might be talking bulls***, but this is due to my knowledge) this would allow a preferred editing solution plus I am having great problems using the modx with SEO/Link exchange sites as they do not allow a url such as .com/index.php?id=77 but prefer .com/links for example.

How can I rewrite the url within a modx site, or preferable transfer my existing site from Modx to a program which can interupt modx into a normal htm site.

If you think you can HELP ME, please reply.

Many thanks