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Thread: 2 & 3D Javascript Programming

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    2 & 3D Javascript Programming

    Hi there All

    Need some advice.

    I want to do some wire frame 2 and 3D graphics in Javascript using mainly IE (later versions).

    I'm an experienced programmer with a strong C++/Java/C#(Java ripoff) background.
    I've done some DirectX graphics development.
    But very little Javascript thus far.

    I want to hit the ground running here with Javascript & graphics, and so am wondering if anyone can point me to some meaty articles/example progs about Javascript games/graphics programming.

    I want basically quickly draw lines on the IE browser screen as quickly and flicker free as possible (zbuffering and all that sort of thing).

    Graphic Libraries would be useful, but I'm really after the lowdown on how those graphic libraries work themselves; if you get my drift.

    Sorry if this has been talked about before, but I searched the past messages but did not come up with anything useful.

    Thanks in advance.

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    But very little Javascript thus far
    If you've specialised in graphics, there's a good reason why you haven't done much in Javascript as it does not support graphics of any kind. Javascript's main power is its ability to modify and control the HTML in the browser.

    I suggest if you want to do wire-frame drawing, stick with Java, or perhaps Flash.

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    if your primary concern is to draw lines and shapes and you are only using IE5+ then you may be in luck.
    MS has a patented technology known as
    VML(Vector Markup Language).
    It helps you draw lines and shapes pretty easily.
    Look into that...


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    Thanks Guys

    Gollum - fraid I have to use Javascript for this project, so I'm kind of stuck with it.

    Khalid Ali - Thanks for that, I knew Microsoft would have put something in there to make it harder for any other browser to compete; sorry I mean to make life easier for the likes of me.

    I've seen Javascript banner adds that do things like ripple effects and other high computational tasks, and yet manage to display them smoothly. Any one know what methods/tricks those sort of whizzo bits use? Or some example source code I can view?

    Thanks, your feedback is all useful; saving me time and pointing me in the right direction.

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