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Thread: Messaging Service (My first post)

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    Messaging Service (My first post)

    Hi to all, sorry this is my first post so sorry if it seems a little strange, thanks. I need to create a messaging service for my site. Members can view other members profiles throughout my site. When members come accross other other members on the site, i want them to be able to click a PM button under each user's photo that they see. I then want to be able to send the person a Private Message.

    My question is, how would i go about creating such a system. I have created a section called my PMs under each users "My Account" section so i also need advice how to display the PM's that they recieve.

    Please can you give me as much advice as possible as i really really need to get this working as soon as possible, thanks to all who helped in advance, thanks,


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    This might help. The problem is similar, and might point you in the right direction.

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