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Thread: Previewing a thumbnail Image before posting the data

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    Question Previewing a thumbnail Image before posting the data

    Hi All.

    I am trying to create an ASP.NET application and in there I want to allow a fileupload component that the user can select an image.

    When they do this I want to load an image component with a thumbnail of the image before they post the image to the database im creating.

    I cant see any way to do this as we have no control over the client machine?

    Is the only way to post the image then reload it back to them and ask for confirmation that the image they selected is the correct one?

    Is there any code snippets out there that does this?



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    I think you have the right idea. I dont believe there is any way for you to load the image in the web page while its still on the clients machine.

    You could also have a temp directory where you upload the images (this directory could be dumped every so often). Once the image is then in this temp directory you could load the image to the user and then if the user accepts this image you could then move the image into a different directory or save it to the DB (however your going to do this).

    Just my opinion

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