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Thread: Presenting video, without leaving the current page

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    Presenting video, without leaving the current page

    I am looking for suggestions on how to present my video files on my website without the user leavening the main video page. I am afraid that they will surf away and loose my site.

    I have been looking into solutions, and have come across several different ways.

    I use LightBox on my site, to host images,


    and I found a tweak for it that allows you to display flash files and videos,


    Yet, there were problems with the application, such as mac issues, the size of the flash file being altered, and so on. This led me to try something called iBox


    Unlike the LightBox application, I couldn't even get iBox to work. =/

    At the moment I have my videos as .mov files that open up in a java script powered pop up window, which has a few conflicts with different programs.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thank you,

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    I'm having a similar issue..I posted as an HTML thread and in this forum. My post is under the author unofant. If you get any information, please pass on...as I too have done the java pop-up window and also embedding the video, but I wouldlike my user to have more freedom with selecting different videos and have them pop-up without having to leave that Video Page (html). Thanks, and I will keep a look out for a resolution to your issue. Pass alnog the page if it is published and/or available. Mine is http://www.nobegging.com/wellness.html

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