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Thread: Looking for good Usability Book

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    Looking for good Usability Book

    More specifically.. Im in the market for a good usability book that spends a good amount of time about content formatting vs overall page design. I feel pretty comfortable about where to place the navigation , main content, title, footer, etc etc but I am unpolished when it comes to content/data formatting. Specifics like text size, formatting, placement.. bullets, when to use/not use, Borders, table/div backgrounds.. all that.

    So if anyone could give me some advice on a book to take a look at that would help me out I would really appreciate it

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    Might try some of Paul McFedries books on Web Design. Latest, I think, is "Creating a Web Page & Blog". Or James H. Pence's book "How to Do Everything with HTML". Eric A. Myer's Book "Cascading Style Sheets". Go to Amazon.com and search for your interests there. You can get a lot of good used books in very good shape.


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    I found Access by Design to be a pretty good book. There is a review of it here.

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