Today I talked with MS about a bug I found in Expression Web, and one which they have now confirmed is indeed a bug.

So if you use EW please read:

Let's say you have a html page open which contains a link to a javascript document which you also have open. If you make chnages to the javascript document but do not save it, and then make changes to the html document, when you save the html you will be asked if you want to save the embedded javascript file.

First: The javascript file is not embedded so you should not have seen this anyway;
Second: If you say no to saving the javascript document, after the html saves, the javascript document is reverted back to the last save and so you lose any work you did since then.

This is a double bug which a Microsoft MVP has confirmed.

So...if you have a js file that is linked to a html file and they are both open...always save your js first!